Monday, September 10, 2012

Personal Mission Statement

As my days become more and more scheduled, with jobs and house projects and visits with friends, there are some goals I want to set for my personal life.  The following are some everyday habits I'd like to develop, redevelop, or continue.

Make time for tea.
I have fallen out of my routine of tea with breakfast (and after lunch, and before dinner) everyday and I'd like to get that back.  Preferably it will be a sort of meditation time, or break from the day, but having tea while working is permitted too.

Create something.
Anything creative, so long as it leads to progress.  A photograph, collage, notes or plans for projects.  For the garden, for the house or for my own joy.  I just want to create, to make something with my own hands.

Play and walk with the dog.
Self-explanitory - she's energetic and maybe that'll rub off on me.

Books preferably, news articles frequently, and yes, even blog posts count.

I love words and I really want to make sure to flex my writing muscle as often as possible.  Again, blog posts totally count.

Make a daily plan.
If you can't tell by the very first post on my very new blog: I really like to make lists.  It helps me to accomplish all that I hope for in my days.

I know there will be days when all I have time for is running from one job to the next, but if there is just one goal I want to keep even on those days it is most certainly to make time for tea.


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