Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An evening with Ethan Casey

The dinner party this past Saturday was just lovely.  The evening, and guest of honor Ethan Casey, were hosted by the family I work for and it was amazing how packed the house was!  And I must say I was quite impressed how the oldest child I usually care for was so apt at wrangling the younger guests throughout the evening.

I still happened to have the baby on my hip every once in a while but I was able to meet so many interesting people and have wonderful conversations.

Ethan Casey is a journalist turned author who has published books about the many countries he has lived in and is now embarking on the journey to write his next book about the United States.

It is an interesting prospect to see an author in the beginning of a journey they have set out to document, and I'm certainly looking forward to reading his upcoming book (Home Free: An American Road Trip) but for now I will just wait until I can get his book on Pakistan from Richard.


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