Sunday, October 21, 2012

German exchange and house projects

Today's the day.  Tonight we go to the airport to pick up the German exchange students and teachers.  We have such an exciting week planned, and I just can't wait for it.

Until then we have plans.  Last minute cleaning, loads of laundry, and maybe even a small house project or two.

Last weekend we finally cleared out the breezeway which we've been planning to use as a dining room.  However over the course of the summer the room became a landing zone for excess furniture, project supplies, and tools.  Now there's just the dining room table (with mismatched linens) and an odd piece of art I picked up at an estate sale for the frame.

I picked up curtains for the breezeway windows and I feel like the fact that they all match helps the house look like real adults live here.  Thank goodness for clearance shelves at home stores.


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