Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and the Eventful End

Hurricane Sandy delivered some drama into our lives this morning as we learned that flight times and train schedules had been cancelled on nearly every leg of the journey for our guests.  After driving to the airport to reschedule flights (never got past the computer on the phone) and spending some time sitting in the waiting area on the phone to Amtrak, hostels, and more, we were able to figure out their trip.  It was not without some sadness as we were forced to cancel their trip to New York (the city is evacuating after all!) and cut their trip to the US short by three days.

After all that though we were able to make it to the lovely capitol of Wisconsin for some Madison touring with our own little resident Madisonite - my sister Rivers.

We enjoyed the view from Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace.

Richard, Michael, and Ingrid were treated to the view from the top of the Capitol building.

And we walked the streets before returning to Milwaukee.

Yesterday was lovely.  We spent the morning and into the afternoon at the Zoo.

Where a cute duck tried to join our group in the aviary.

And this guy strutted his stuff and just begged to have his photograph taken.

We ended Saturday with a quick driving tour of Milwaukee before visiting our very favorite Chinese restaurant to share dinner with Richard's parents before a stop to introduce Ingrid to her very first scoop of Milwaukee frozen custard.


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