Saturday, October 6, 2012

Missing the Last Flea 2012

After resisting for an entire week I have officially caught Richard's cold.  The timing is upsetting for many reasons.  First I'm quickly running out of jello mixes, I gave up working tonight, we postponed our plans to build the backyard patio today, and finally I have to forgo the very last Maxwell Street flea market tomorrow in hopes that I'll be well enough to attend the citizenship party of a dear friend.

Even if the turnout isn't the greatest at the last flea market of the season it is still my favorite because it is a casual day full of sweater-wearing, hot apple cider, and enjoying the foliage on the drive there and back.  After some great finds at the first 2012 flea I didn't have any luck at the rest so besides the joy of going I don't think I'll be missing too much.

Hopefully next year mom and I will be there with a booth of our own, but the planning excitement is a few months off at least.  For now I'll just enjoy perusing photos from past fleas and hoping to make it to that party tomorrow - congratulations again, Laurence!


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