Friday, October 26, 2012

Wonderfully Busy Week

It has been a wonderfully busy week.  We've had quite the time showing the exchange students and teachers around Milwaukee, and I'm happy it's not over yet.

I made our signature cranberry bbq chicken (pinned) for dinner on Monday and shared the meal with the teachers Ingrid and Michael, as well as our friends Dan and Lynn who are playing host to Michael this week.

Tuesday we visited the Harley Davidson Museum.  I am excited to see it again as we didn't stay nearly long enough to read everything I wanted to.

I missed out on all the fun Wednesday when I had to work late, but everyone else attended a soccer game before going to see a dance performance.

Yesterday was my favorite destination - the art museum.  We were treated to an exhibit on Rembrandt, Van Dyck, and Gainsborough, but were kept from seeing the installation pieces I wanted to revisit because we happened to stop in on the same night as the yearly art auction.  Watching the auction set up from the upper floors was interesting though, and we managed to detour through the animation "studio" that I've never been able to visit before.

Today I'm tidying the house and running loads of laundry, and trying to make a decision on what we're doing for dinner.  Considering I have at least a couple more uninterrupted hours, I'd best get back to accomplishing things and I'll try to remember to add the photos later.


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