Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, lazy Monday

It is nearly noon on a Monday and I'm almost amazed at the amount of work I haven't done yet.

After a few weeks running at full tilt I really needed a quiet morning to myself.  I'm not running any of my usual Monday errands and I'm not worried about it.  I know the holiday rush is imminent and it just makes sense to have a little relaxing time.

Matthias came to stay with us for a few days and helped me get started on the breezeway turned dining room.  We cleared it out and primed the brick veneer wall and the terrible brown ceiling and walls.  Next step is the final paint color and hanging the new (from our old apartment) curtain rods and the new (actually new!) curtains.  I have some "before" photos to prove just how strange the "brick" wall and drab brown walls and ceiling were.

I probably shouldn't get started on the cold ceramic tile floor, the plan is to find an area rug big enough to cover most of it, but the plan may change.  But really - it's a room with a tiny vent, three exterior walls, and as yet no insulation in the roof, in Wisconsin.  So to say that floor is cold is an understatement.  I keep my slippers by the kitchen door just to cross through this room in the morning.

As for today - after I finally make some lunch and tea for myself, I'll get down to some housework and chores, but no painting today - I'm saving that for a day when I am less sore.  Maybe if I finish all my chores, I'll even sit down for some creating tonight.


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