Sunday, June 16, 2013


Another week and weekend gone. We saw the end of the school year and saw off the dozen teachers that retired from Richard's school this year. It was a bittersweet event, made all the sadder knowing that we were also losing our principal to a forced reassignment, but that is a tale for another time.

But don't our peonies look gorgeous? I just love when everything is in bloom. 

I helped run a rummage sale at my parents' home on Friday and Saturday. I really do love wheeling and dealing, whether I'm buying or selling, but it certainly doesn't hurt to make a little pocket change before our trip to Germany.  And when we get back I'm planning on using the summer to sell more. At the risk of discussing finances (gasp!) ours will be quite tight this summer. After saving for our European adventure for so long it was quite a blow when we finally had to pay for everything. 

Between our traveling, and the planned vacations of the family I work for I'm losing six weeks of nannying, and despite setting up the library this summer Richard doesn't get another paycheck for ten weeks. I'll be selling every where I can - Craigslist,, rummage sales, etsy(!), and every place that wants my vintage clothes collection - I think I'll use our long flight to strategize and do write ups for online postings. 


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