Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Living by Lists

If I'm completely honest I live my life by lists.  To-Do lists, project lists, grocery lists, daily lists and even wish lists - without them I'm completely lost.

That's why I was rather excited when I found this app/website called Lift.  It's all about helping you develop habits by compiling a list you can check off.

I've added many of the things that I want to do each day, like walking 5000 steps (there's an app for that too - Moves), having clean dishes, walking the dog, and organizing for 30 minutes.  I've only been using it for a few days, but I'm already loving it.  It lets me know what I have left to do for the day, allows me to set reminders, and most importantly makes me feel accomplished when I can see how many days in a row I've accomplished my goals.

If you join up go ahead and become my friend.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer and Favorite Days

We've been home from our misadventure for nearly a month now, and we've been so busy enjoying our summer that it has flown by.

I've been enjoying the excuse of the beach volleyball team Richard is on as a chance to take Wicket down to the lake.  It's beautiful down there all day, but especially at sunset.

This past weekend we hosted a rummage sale at our house, and boy oh boy was our driveway chock full of stuff.  We put out our outgrown furniture and clutter and upgraded appliances, along with "donations" from my parents, sister, and in-laws.  Even my employer, who stopped by so two of the girls I care for could have a lemonade stand, couldn't stop exclaiming "How do you have so much stuff?"

The sale was a rousing success and we netted about $200 which we immediately spent (and then some) at Ikea on Monday.  We picked up new bookshelves, furniture, various organizing devices, and a piece or two of art.

Now we're just trying to ride out the heat advisory for this week by spending time indoors organizing, cleaning, and finally putting up art.  Maybe we'll finally get the last wall in the basement installed... but that requires a jaunt outside to the hardware store, so we'll see.

I can't wait for my day running the girls around this week.  While the oldest three are at summer school for a couple of hours I get Miss H all to myself and we get to spend time at the library learning letters, doing puzzles and reading.  It's easily becoming my favorite day of the week.