Sunday, October 20, 2013

Last Days of the Garden

After a busy, full summer I feel as though I haven't spent nearly enough time in the garden.  Most of our blackberries went to the birds I'm sure because I didn't do a great job of pruning last year.  There's a lot of trial and error going into our garden.  This year I'm pruning those bushes with no mercy!

We spent a few hours in the garden yesterday before the rain drove us inside.  It's good that we may still have another weekend yet before it gets too cold, because we're certainly going to need it.  I'm excited to really get into our garden in future years, and my goal for this fall and winter is to get a real garden journal started, and have some seedlings going next spring.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Magic in the Mountains

A few weeks ago my cousin was married in one of the most magical places I've ever had the joy of knowing. We both grew up frequenting this mountain, and I love this place dearly. 

I am so honored to have been a part of this wedding, as a little go-fer for the stressed wedding planners and participants. Even running into town for last minute candles made for an exciting adventure, and you can tell it is all worth it when everyone and everything literally glows with excitement. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013


There has been quite a bit of upheaval in my life as of late.  There comes the expected chaos of the beginning of a new school year, when I'm suddenly more in demand as both a wife and nanny.  Added to that are a few life changes that are taking on a whole new dimension.  Richard has transitioned from his previous position as High School German teacher, to the Middle/High School librarian and computers teacher.   After some back and forth I'm now preparing to step into the position of Forensics coach for the Middle School.  These are all such good and exciting things, but the others are a little more bittersweet.

My father is transferring offices at work, from Wisconsin all the way to Florida, so it has been quite the summer preparing my parents for their big move.  My sister is joining them, hoping to further her education closer to the beach.  I'm excited for them all, and for the option of a beach vacation in the middle of a Wisconsin winter, but it will be sad to see them leave.  No more Thursday lunches with Dad, or a quick drive over to the house for a play date with Mom and Daisy.  With this move, it feels as if I'll be the last one left.  The only family that remains here is the one I have made and the one I have married into.

Everything is all so exciting and scary and sad all at once.