Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Halfway through December

It feels as if I blinked and I'm suddenly all the way through Thanksgiving, and halfway through December.

November was so hectic it flew right by in a fit of packing and good-byes.  Even though my little sister is back in Wisconsin, our parents and their household have officially moved to Florida.  I already miss them, and can't wait for them to visit and for Richard and I to see their new place this spring.  Matthias stayed with Richard and I for about a week and helped pack up my parents' household, I'm sure it would not have gone so well without him.

Full disclosure: I'm sick in bed and really wishing that when I called my mom she could come over.

Oh, and after Thanksgiving our friends Jeff and Jennie, and their daughter V, were on this side of the state and were able to stay over for an evening.  It was so great to see them for a second time this year.  The only time I'm guaranteed to see them is when Jennie and I go on our yearly yard-saling adventure.


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