Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year, and a journey southward

We had a lovely trip down to the mountains of North Carolina, Richard, Wicket, and I.  It was a smooth drive, with few delays, and when we arrived we had only one party to attend and the rest of our six-day visit delightfully devoid of any other engagements.

Wicket roams the woods
We tromped through the woods again, and again.  Visited with Mamu and all my other relatives who have settled in the area.  Walked to the lake where Wicket took an impromptu swim.  Ventured into town and down to mountains for more visiting and roaming.  Mostly though we enjoyed our quiet mornings with Mamu and a Downton Abbey marathon.

Struck by Lightening
Now we're back home and with a high of just 4°F school was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday.  But tomorrow its back to work and I'm throwing myself head first into Forensics and hoping for the best.


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