Sunday, March 30, 2014

A little rejection is good for the soul

Yesterday was the Forensics State Meet for High School in Ripon.  It's a bit of a drive, but the competition is always fun and I get the added bonus of visiting my friends Lelani and Jonathan.  Last year they were kind enough to host me that Friday night so that I didn't have far to go for the early morning start of competition.  This year I had work to get done on Friday and it wouldn't have let much time for visiting so they kindly met me on campus for lunch, and even sat in on the semi-final round of Solo Humorous that I judged.  A lovely day that ended in a fifth place win in Play Acting for our team.

A couple months ago I applied to work at Apple and in the time since I have been interviewing and nervously biting my nails while waiting for the next call.  The wait was over this Thursday when I learned they would be moving on with another candidate.  It's devastating really.  I let myself get more excited about this opportunity than I'd like to admit.  I know that the atmosphere of an Apple store is one that I would fit into perfectly and I'm sorry that I couldn't demonstrate that to them.

To be honest I thought the drive to Ripon on Saturday would be a sad one with too much quiet time to myself that would be spent wracking my brain about what I could have done differently.  Fortunately the drive cleared my mind instead.  I spent it making plans, thinking on projects, and singing along to Queen.  It didn't hurt that the day was beautiful.  I watched the sun rise on my way there and set on my way home - so poetic that it nearly cliche.

While I know that I am more worrier than warrior I'm ready to fight for my future.  It means not settling on a job for the sake of minimal financial security, a mistake I am guilty of repeating, but going for the one that will both bolster my bank account and be truly fulfilling.  Here's to rejection leading to better things.


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