Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring [Break] Recap

Life seems to move ever faster as we approach spring.

The day lilies are already poking above ground and we jump started our season with a trip to Florida for spring break.  We stayed with my parents and sister, having a good time catching up, visiting, and exploring Jacksonville together.

We had quite the lovely road trip down.  Listened to comedy radio to pass the time and enjoyed the picturesque views.  We were even able to watch the Blue Angels perform while stuck in traffic in Louisville which is not a bad way to pass the time.

We all went to OneSpark, spent all day seeing new innovations and took the pups Daisy and Wicket along.  By the end they weren't the only ones in need of shade - but they were the only ones brassy enough to simply crawl under tables and refuse to budge.


Visited the beach - found a couple prime pieces of sea glass and the biggest shark's tooth I've ever discovered!

Helped mom pick out paint colors for the new house.

Hit up every junk, thrift, and antique store we could find on one road in an afternoon.  Surprisingly lots!!

Visited the Nashville Antique Archeology store where we enjoyed live music.


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