Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I had good luck at rummage days and a nearby neighborhood-wide yard sale.

A shoebox of stamps.  He wanted $15 and we settled on $10, and as soon as I walked away I was kicking myself for not really looking at the variety of stamps because I could tell there were a lot of American flag stamps which I really, really don't need.  However when I got home and went through them there really weren't that many, and I was still left with a good amount of stamps I could use.

I love office supplies, especially those that come in tins.  Here's a tin of "12 drawing pencils" - that still has two pencils left inside.  Certainly worth the 50 cents.

Little half-full boxes of tiny staples from a garage sale, which will help to use my already established tiny collection of tiny staplers.


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