Monday, June 30, 2014

Job Hunt

I've accepted a part-time job at a craft store.  My first official day is tomorrow, and if my schedule is any indication of the future I should be working up to 15 hours a week and should be done with my days by noon.

N is for Natalie's New Job
I'm continuing to nanny for my current family through the end of August.  Depending on what the schedule becomes for the family when the youngest begins attending school I may continue on with them through the school year.  I know that I'll help out when they need, and I'm already planning to schedule once-a-month date with my girls, I know I'll miss them so much!

Time permitting I'll still coach the middle school Forensics team as well.

I'm excited to start this new job at the craft store, but I'm still facing the need for additional work. I think the best circumstance I could find now would be a retail job that begins at noon and goes till the evening.  Or maybe I'll just find a way to work for myself :)

Now if we could just find something for Richard there would be much less stress in the house!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seen in Milwaukee

Saw this on our walk yesterday. 

Clearly Wicket isn't the only pup who wants to play here.