Monday, July 7, 2014

Present and future

Today marks the end of my fourth week working at the craft store. The hours are crazy early, and I'm still looking for a third part time job to flesh out my job hours. In truth I still need to adjust to the time shift and the sheer exhaustion of the work. 

My goals and objectives are shifting slightly and I feel the need to speak about them more openly with the people in my life. I often keep things to myself until I've followed them through, because I know I grow tired of working on a project whenever someone inevitably asks "What's taking you so long?" That is certainly one of the phrases I hate the most. It implys that I should be living according to their schedule and expectations. 

I no longer dream of setting up my own darkroom to use.  I no longer shoot the amount of film I once did and it has been nearly a decade since I last worked in a darkroom - I may not even enjoy it the way I once did. I still enjoy the creative process and making things with my hands. What I find myself in need of is a space to foster that creativity - to work without getting in the way of everything else in life. 

So I'm excited to turn the glorified closet into a studio, and hopefully with Richard working outside the house less we will have the time and energy necessary to build it.